Sexual T-Rex
one of the kings of erotica

squat you asian whore

Asian pigs squat when they suck cock

you know the way asians, when they give blowjobs, squat

they don’t drop to their knees like American sluts.

instead, she’s squatting on her high heels

head down, big lips open

cum drooling down onto her tits

down her tight belly to her bush


she’s bringing me fruit for breakfast

she’s tall, as tall as I am

I am not short

her hair is black and long

her waist is tiny and flat

making her like a runway model.

the guys in the bar are always

all over her, so she strokes my hair

or gives me a kiss or holds my hair

i don’t know why she loves me so much

but she’s on her way with fruit

cause last night even though she licked

my balls and ass

i was too exhausted to wake up

and fuck her.


we shot

each ball that didn’t drop

into a pocket

made her strip

made me strip.

bent over to shoot

i put my stick into her cunt

railed her hard

then moved her

one knee on each bar stool

fucking her up

into her cunt

she screamed and yelled,

the horny bitch

i came deep into her throat

she swallowed for the first time


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